Pets Corner Hale Barns

Pets Corner Hale Barns

In previous blog posts we have looked at a few Manchester pet shops, from huge chain stores to small independents. In this article I decided to talk about Pets Corner Hale Barns. Pet Corner is a fairly large chain store with over 150 stores, almost all in England (they have one shop in Wales but none in Scotland). Their shops tend to be smaller than the typical Pets At Home but still manage to stock most of the products pet owners expect. I’ve noticed a great many of their branches seem to be located within branches of Dobbies Garden Centre but that’s not the case with the Hale Barns branch.

Pets Corner History

Pets Corner is a family run business that dates back to 1968. Mark and Sandra Richmond opened their first pet shop in Haywards Heath, Sussex. The company is now under the control of their son Dean. Some of the expansion has happened organically but they also aquired a number of stores from Pampurred Pets in 2016. It would seem their main focus is on quality products, particularly food but also in training their staff to understand the business and products to a high level.

Pets Corner Hale Barns Opening Times & Location

Since the focus of this article is to look at the Hale Barns branch I thought I should mention where you can find it and what its opening hours are. The address is:

Unit 3 The Square,
Hale Barns,
WA15 8SP

Many of our high streets feel depressed, dated and unloved but this branch is located in an area that seems affluent, modern, clean and thriving. Indeed Wikipedia describe Hale Barns as one of the wealthiest areas in the United Kingdom outside London. The fact the the branch is located close to a Booths Supermarket is a clue that this is an area with money.

So in the event you wanted to visit this branch of Pets Corner you will want to know what the opening times are:

Monday – Saturday 9AM-6PM
Sunday 10AM-4PM

So not open as long as most branches of Pets At Home but still more than adequate for most people. Should you want to call them before making a visit to check stock etc their phone number is listed as 0161 980 1508.

Pets Corner Hale Barns Reviews

Looking at the reviews on their Google business profile it seems they compare very well to other Manchester pets shops. I was struck by the number of times the staff were mentioned with words like helpful and knowledgeable. It seems their classroom based training is paying off. Many reviews also mention how clean and well laid out the store is, something I certainly agree with.

The only negative reviews seemed to mention the same thing, prices being expensive. Most customers looking for budget priced items probably would not consider Pets Corner and the company itself seems to want to focus on quality rather than price. My guess is most customers of Pets Corner are happy to pay the prices for the quality products and helpful staff. Certainly the average resident of Hale Barns is unlikely to be watching the pennies when shopping for their pets. All in all it seems Pets Corner Hale Barns is well liked by customers.


Pets Corner certainly seem to be a company who are doing well. As always we welcome your feedback in the comments section, especially if you are a regular customer of Pets Corner. For residents of the Manchester area you might like to note that they actually have another branch close to Stockport that’s located in a branch of Dobbies Garden Centre.

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