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Welcome to my website. My name is Mandi and I own Angel and Rubi’s Pet Care. I’ve always been passionate about pets and shared my life with them over the years. The business is named after my own two dogs who are overseas rescues.

Working with animals is something I’ve considered for some time and when the opportunity came about I took the plunge. If you have any questions about the pet services we offer please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and your pet(s)!

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I’m Mandi and I love walking and I love dogs which is one of the reasons I started my business.
Passionate about nutrition and animal enrichment I believe every animal deserves to be rewarded
for positive behaviour, rewards increase the chance of them doing the behaviour again, whether a
toy or a high value food I will carry their favourite treat on our walks.

Having been a Nanny for over 25 years I know how important your family members are to you that is
why safety and stimulation are two of my top priorities when looking after your dogs, cats and
horses. Having safe, fun and enriching walks my goal. I am trustworthy, reliable and professional and
love what I do.

I have two rescues from abroad, Angel and Rubi who are my world and seeing them grow into
happy, healthy dogs is simply wonderful. One of my interests is using doggy Parkour with the dogs I
walk as it is great for giving dogs a job to do. One of my dogs Rubi was extremely nervous when I got
her and using Parkour has helped build and strengthen our relationship and increased her

I look forward to meeting and looking after your family members, thank you for choosing to visit my