Pets At Home Stockport

Pets At Home Stockport

Pets At Home Stockport is not only my local branch of this well known pet superstore, it’s currently the vet where my own two dogs are registered. Usually located on big industrial parks, Pets At Home branches benefit from a huge amount of retail floor space. This allows them to not only stock a wider range of products than a small independent, it also means they have free parking and often contain an in-store vet and often a dog groomer as well. The final bonus for some pet owners is that their branches are typically open for longer than smaller pet shops in Manchester.

Pets At Home Stockport Opening Times

So having said that branches are open longer, what exactly are the opening times of the Stockport branch? According to Google they are open as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 9am-8pm
  • Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm

This huge chain store has a number of branches within the Manchester area including Salford, Trafford Park, Altrincham, Baguley and Ashton-under-Lyne. However this article is looking at the Pets At Home Stockport branch and for anyone looking to visit it their address is:

Pets At Home Stockport
Kings View,
Didsbury Road,

In Store Facilities

For anyone who has visited a branch of Pets At Home before (and that’s probably most pet owners in the UK) the facilities within the Stockport branch will come as no surprise. The aisles are laid out in a clear way with products for dogs, cats, smaller mammals like rabbits, fish, reptiles and birds. Being a dog owner myself it’s their dog products I’m most familiar with including food, treats, toys, medication, collars, leads and harnesses etc. That’s not to say that I get all my dog needs from Pets At Home. I’m just as likely to visit a small independent like Growler and Prowler Pet Shop or go to the other extreme and buy something off of Amazon for the convenience and delivery to my door.

Like many branches of Pets At Home, many visitors to the Stockport branch might actually be visiting to use the in-store vets or the groomers.

Pets At Home Stockport Vets4Pets

Contained within the Pets At Home Stockport store is a branch of Vets4Pets. Interestingly if you look at their website they seem to state opening hours that are different to the Pets At Home store itself. The vet’s listed opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 8:30am-5pm
Sunday 9:30am-4pm

Like me you might be asking yourself how can they be open at 7am during the week when the store itself does not open until 9am? It turns out that they have their own door so the listed hours are accurate. They do offer out of hours consultations but these are not cheap at £240.00 before 11pm and starting from £300.00 after 11pm. The out of hours consultations take place at Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital on Bird Hall Lane.

The Vets4Pets branch offers a pretty comprehensive range of treatments. It includes operating theatre, haematology, biochemistry and dentistry. They also offer a range of Pet Care Plans to help pet owners budget the cost of pet health and vet costs. They state that these Pet Care Plans start from £8.00 but most pet owners will pay much more. This rate applies to rabbits. Cat plans start at £12.50 and dog plans start at £15.00 for puppies and go upwards depending on age and weight of dog.

The Groom Room

The in-store groomers that you sometimes find in Pets At Home branches are known as The Groom Room. In many ways this is the weak link of the services on offer, at least based on reviews from customers. There seem to be a number of reviews from owners of breeds like Cockapoos who have stated what sort of cut they were looking for, only to return to find their dog had been completely shaved. There are other more positive reviews but in general I’m of the opinion that there are more experienced groomers within Manchester. They do have a dog self wash as well which could be popular for owners of muddy dogs who can’t bath their dogs at home.

Adoption Centres

A number of branches including Stockport have Adoption Centres within them. These centres are part of the Pets At Home Foundation. They essentially will rehome small mammals like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and hamsters. The branches will provide shelter, food and any medical care needed until a new home can be found.

Pets At Home VIP Club

For those who use a Pets At Home branch on a fairly regular basis it would make sense to join their VIP Club. Much like a supermarket loyalty card, the free club will provide you with a 10% discount both for in-store and online purchases. As well as the option to have a physical card, Pets At Home also has an app for Android and iPhone for its VIP members.

As always the comments section is open for you to leave feedback about your experiences, good or bad, relating to Pets At Home and specifically the Stockport branch in particular.

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  1. I need to find a groomer for my elderly Yorkshire Terrier, called Harry . He had ailments now which vet won’t treat as to old , but he is comfortable. He has a large cyst on his stomach , not bothering him , been drained 3 times , just grows back .
    Please message me if you can help , my no is 07591507398 , my email is helenalsop100@gmail .com

    1. Hi Helen,

      You need to contact Pets At Home directly about their grooming service. I’m a dog walker and this article was merely a review of the pet shop, I’m not connected to it in anyway.

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