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Growler And Prowler Pet Shop

For this latest article I wanted to write about my favourite pet shop in Manchester, namely Growler and Prowler. Located at 64 Beech Road in Chorlton, an area that has a lovely village feel about it. It’s not unusual to see dogs walking up and down, many of the local food establishments are dog friendly and there are some great parks to walk your dog as well.

Growler And Prowler Opening Hours

This small, independent Chorlton pet shop is open 7 days a week. The listed hours are as follows:

  • Monday 10am-5:30pm
  • Tuesday 10am-5:30pm
  • Wednesday 10am-5:30pm
  • Thursday 10am-5:30pm
  • Friday 10am-5:30pm
  • Saturday 10am-5:30pm
  • Sunday 11am-5pm

These opening hours are pretty typical for a small pet shop like this. It tends to be the huge megastores that are open outside normal working hours. Growler And Prowler don’t have their own dedicated car park but there is on street parking that is free. I’ve personally not found it a problem to find parking close by.

Growler And Prowler Product Range

Growler And Prowler describe themselves as a pet shop but their product range seems aimed at dogs only. In this regard they are like Betty And Butch, though Betty And Butch state clearly on their website that they cater to dogs only. Catering to just dogs might actually make commercial sense when you have limited floor space. Compared to other pets like cats, small mammals, fish and birds, dog owners often spend more on their pets and perhaps profit margins are higher. Certainly when you consider what puppies were selling for during Covid it seems the public aren’t shy to spend money on dogs. The same crazy inflation was not so evident for kittens, though some exotic breeds of cats can cost a tidy sum.

Most of the Growler And Prowler product range seems to revolve around food, both main means and treats. Besides food, the remainder of their product range is made up of toys and a small range of LickiMat accessories. The website also has a coming soon section for health products and it will be interesting to see what they might stock. Certainly many health products have high unit prices for very small shelf footprint so stocking some health products makes sense, especially for products that sell fairly quickly. I should also note that their website also has an ecommerce option so products can be purchased online. I don’t know if they do this in order to attract a nationwide customer base or perhaps like with many retailers it was in response to being forced to close during lockdown where online retailers were still allowed to trade.


Looking at the reviews for Growler And Prowler they are almost universally positive. I was slightly surprised how few reviews they have, even allowing for the fact that they only started in 2019. Perhaps the Covid lockdown didn’t help or maybe they are still somewhat of a secret. I for one want them to succeed, as stated at the outset they have become my favourite pet shop. Almost every review mentions both the quality of the products sold and the helpfulness and knowledge of the owner Gary.

I’d be interested to hear your experience of Growler And Prowler. Feel free to leave a comment! If you would like to visit their website please click the link below:

Growler And Prowler

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