Longford Park Stretford

Longford Park Stretford

Longford Park Stretford is another great option if you are looking for somewhere to walk your dog in Manchester. It doesn’t just appeal to dog owners though, Longford Park is one of those green spaces that has lots to offer for the whole family.

Longford Park Address & Map

Longford Park is the largest council managed park in the Stretford / Trafford area at around 22 hectares. Its listed address on Google is 95 Edge Lane, Stretford, Manchester M32 8PX. It has a number of different entrances as follows:

  • Edge Lane. Located on the south side of the park at the intersection of Cromwell Road. This is also the most convenient entrance if you are a pedestrian who has arrived by the Stretford Metrolink station, a 10 minute walk away.
  • Cromwell Road. At the western side of Longford Park, close to Longford Park School. The photo at the top of this article was taken soon after entering from Cromwell Road.
  • Ryebank Road. Located at the east end of the park. This is also where the main car park is located, close to the Trafford Athletics Stadium. I’ve read a review from a couple of years ago that indicates the surface of the car park isn’t well maintained but as I don’t know if that’s still the case as I entered on foot last time I visited.
  • The Quadrant which is located at the northern end of the park.
Longford Park Map
Longford Park Map

The map of Longford Park Stretford was found on the Friends of Longford Park website. It’s probably the best available website for information about Longford Park with information about events taking place and the facilities within the park. I should note however that the map is not totally accurate in that the top of the map isn’t actually north as you might assume. Compare it to Google maps on your phone and you will see what I mean.

Longford Park Facilities

Longford Park has a large number of facilities aimed at a wide selection of users. I won’t mention them all here as most won’t be relevant to people visiting to walk their dogs. The Friends of Longford Park website is very detailed with information and links about facilities including the Athletics Stadium, Bowling Greens and Tennis courts, Football and Rugby pitches, Disc Golf and Pets’ Corner (like a petting zoo and no dogs allowed).

Longford Cafe

Serving a selection of cakes and bread, all washed down by a coffee or other drinks. Very popular with customers, the cafe is open 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm (though they are open from (9:45am on Saturday). The cafe is also where the public toilets are located.

Longford Park Stretford For Dogs

Longford Park has a decent number of mature trees which no doubt look great in autumn. That can present a problem though finding your dog’s droppings so please play close attention so that you can bag it and bin it. Thankfully there are a number of dog waste bins in Longford Park, at least in the areas I use mostly. Being such a large park you should be able to find somewhere relatively quiet if your dog is slightly reactive. Walking dogs off lead is fine and despite being in the city the park feels contained so I don’t panic about a dog running across a busy road.

For those dog walkers who drive to Longford Park you will be pleased to hear that parking is free in the main car park. I’m not sure what the opening times are for the car park but it’s always been open during daylight hours when I’ve visited. If anyone knows the opening times please feel free to leave a comment.

So are there any downsides to Longford Park if you are visiting to walk your dog? The only one I can think of is that parts of Longford Park can get quite muddy in winter. Is that really a surprise though? After all Manchester is known as a city that gets more rain than most in the UK. If you visit Longford Park with your dog(s) please leave a comment with your views or any points you think I may have missed.

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