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Yew Tree Vets is a popular local vet in the Withington area of Manchester. With a history that can be traced back to 1956 this vet is an RCVS accredited practice. So let’s look at the services offered, opening hours and see how they compare to other local vets.

Yew Tree Vets – Location & Opening Hours

For those pet owners living in South Manchester, Yew Tree vets might be one you have considered. The address of this practice is:

331 Yew Tree Road,
Manchester M20 3FP

If you want to find out the rest of their contact details like phone number etc you can visit their website:

Yew Tree Vets

They have their own car park and the first impressions as you arrive are of a modern and clean property. In terms of the listed opening hours they are:

  • Monday 08:30 – 18:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 18:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 18:30
  • Thursday 08:30 – 18:30
  • Friday 08:30 – 18:30
  • Saturday 09:00 – 13:00
  • Sunday Closed

These opening times compare quite well with other local vets. They are almost identical to those for Medivet in Chorlton, though on Saturday one opens for a few hours in the morning whilst the other opens for a few hours in the afternoon. The opening hours are certainly less confusing than those listed by Mount Road Vets. Whether these hours work for you and your lifestyle, only you can say. Certainly some full time workers may decide they need a vet open later in the evening or with longer weekend opening hours. I should point out that Yew Tree Vets partner with MiNightVet Manchester for out of hours emergency vet care. I always advise checking what out of hours rates are charged to see a sick pet as they are often quite high and come as a shock to some pet owners. It’s also worth noting that MiNightVet is located in a slightly different part of Manchester in Worsley M28. This is unlikely to cause a problem if you own a car but it can be a problem for others. Local taxi companies will often have a no pets rule and not all local dog walkers offer a pet taxi service either.

Services Offered

On their website they do have a services page which is quite brief but does have other links in the left panel that go into lots more detail. I definitely got the sense that Yew Tree Vets want to empower pet owners with the best healthcare advice so that their pets lead the most healthy lives they can (prevention being better than cure if you will). Their weight management clinics are an example of this. I’m a huge believer is the best pet nutrition. A pet fed the highest quality food in the right quantities will exude health in their coat condition, energy levels etc. You can tell a lot about a dog’s nutrition from their droppings!

Like most vets, Yew Tree offer the usual microchipping, neutering, flea and worm treatments. They dispense prescriptions and medications and can also assist with animal health certificates and pet passports for those owners who need to travel overseas with their pets. Whilst their pet nurse clinics do seem to offer a wide range of general health services, it’s not clear how extensive their surgery is at this vet. If you happen to know please leave a comment as the website does not really make it very clear.

Yew Tree Vets – Reviews

Like with other local vets we have written about, reviews are largely positive with a sprinkling of negative reviews. I’ve noticed a trend with many of the negative reviews when it comes to vet services. Many seem to revolve around how difficult it is to get appointments and slow communication generally, while others seem to relate to costs of treatment.

It’s hard to know from the outside (my pets are not registered with Yew Tree vets) whether the service offered at vets generally is going downhill or whether the industry is struggling to cope with the huge increase we saw in people buying pets during Covid and difficulty in recruiting staff and holding on to existing staff. We also seem to be in a mini cost of living crisis and with inflation running at 10% perhaps it’s not surprising that some customers are commenting on perceived large price increases (after many years of incredibly low inflation). Buying a pet is often an emotional decision and perhaps not enough people do enough research into the cost of pet ownership over the lifetime of that pet.

The positive reviews that Yew Tree vets receive regularly mention the care and compassion of the staff. A couple of other positive reviews caught my attention. One mentioned how clean the place was and in a medical environment that would seem to be important. First impressions can count a great deal and my first impressions visiting Yew Tree vets were also positive. The other aspect in one positive review related to a comment from a customer highlighting how Yew Tree vets seemed to respect their more ‘natural’ way of caring for their pet. I can’t be sure what they meant by natural but it could mean raw feeding or herbal supplements. This review stood out for me because it’s certainly my experience that many vets actively try and discourage raw feeding. It’s important to do your research before switching to raw but most dogs who are on a raw diet seem to thrive on it. Also the veterinary industry is worth billions globally and how sure can we be that a vet is recommending the absolute best product or treatment? Could it be that the company with the biggest marketing budget or the company who sponsors the vet industry gets the most recommendations.

If you have some experience of Yew Tree vets feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article.

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