Ashleigh Veterinary Centre Manchester

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre

If you are looking for a vets in Chorlton Manchester, Ashleigh Veterinary Centre will probably be on your shortlist. Though this blog post will mainly focus on the Chorlton branch, I will mention the Sale branch as well which is exclusively for cats and only open a couple of days a week.

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre History

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre has a long and proud history of serving the pet community of Chorlton. It was originally started in 1963 by Ian McKinlay MRCVS and his wife Susan. In 1987 Ian retired and since this time the practice has been owned and managed by Aidan Raftery and Bernard Wynne. A third owner, Matt Saunby joined in 2007. The Chorlton branch has grown over the years and it now employs a number of surgeons, nurses and receptionists.

The Sale branch was opened in March 2018.

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre make a point on their website of mentioning the fact that they are still an independently run vet where the owners actually work within the practice. They state they do not have ‘sales targets’ to meet and say they have a stable team with a low staff turnover.

Ashleigh Vets Chorlton Opening Times & Location

For those wondering where this popular local vet is located their address is as follows:

221 Upper Chorlton Road,
Manchester M16 0DE

The photo at the top of this article shows the front of the building, a rather grand period property with long driveway which acts as parking for customers.

The opening hours of the Chorlton branch are as follows:

Monday 8am – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Wednesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 7pm
Saturday 8:30am – 11am
Sunday 10am – 11am

These opening hours compare very well with other local Manchester vets. The only other local vets with longer opening hours will usually be Vets4Pets branches that are located with branches of Pets At Home, like the Stockport branch we did an article about.

For customers of Ashleigh Veterinary Centre who require out of hours emergency care, they are instructed to call the branch. It seems that there may be a vet present on some nights but otherwise customers will be directed to Vets Now, a 24/7 specialist vet hospital in Whitefield. Vets Now is a very modern, well equipped vet hospital. However it should be noted that it’s over 16 miles (25 minute drive) away from Ashleigh Veterinary Centre. This is something to consider, especially for pet owners who don’t own a car. Another 24 hour vet specialist, Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital in Stockport is actually located slightly closer to Ashleigh Veterinary Centre.

Online Shop

I was interested to note from their website that they have an online shop link that sells pet food, medications and some other products. The shop is actually run by ‘My Family Vets’ which is a national network of local, independent vets.

I did hope to mention something about the sorts of services they offer and perhaps even some example prices for readers to be able to compare. Unfortunately I could not find this information on their website. A vet employing as many people as Ashleigh Veterinary Centre is likely to offer a very comprehensive list of pet care services. I also suspect that they are competitive with the local competition on pricing but I’m merely basing this on their business model. I would be keen to hear from customers of Ashleigh Veterinary Centre to know if they feel they are priced fairly for typical vet visits like annual boosters, spaying and neutering etc.

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre Reviews

Before looking at some of the reviews for this vet I note that it is featured on the Three Best Rated website as one of the 3 best vets in Manchester! At the time of writing the other two vets that feature are T A Irving & Partners & Regan Veterinary Group.

Looking at their reviews on Google I was first struck by the quantity of reviews they have. I know Ashleigh Veterinary Centre has been around since the 1960’s but reviews on Google business are a much more recent thing. In this respect it’s clear that they seem to attract more reviews than some other local Manchester vets.

Luckily the vast majority of the reviews are very positive with words like compassion, caring and helpful appearing regularly. They don’t seem to respond to reviews which is something Google advises businesses to do.

Another thing I would note is that a number of the reviews are from owners of exotic pets. Their website even makes mention of the fact they treat exotics, something not all local vets do. This alone could make them the vet of choice if you happen to own a reptile or birds.

I’d be keen to hear from other Manchester residents who have experience of Ashleigh Veterinary Centre so feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to know more about them you can visit their website at the link below:

Ashleigh Vets Manchester

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